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Yogi Inspirations

The Challenge

Known for their iconic inspirational tea tags, Yogi Tea had hundreds of thousands of fans contributing original content on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We set out to create a digital solution that would convert social media followers into brand ambassadors while translating loyalty to sales.


Our Approach

We leveraged use cases and web analytics to guide the architecture of a custom web app, coined “Inspirations.” Modern UX design took place in conjunction with Node.js development to ensure our solution was intuitive, scalable, and easy-to-use for both end users and Yogi staff.

The Result

Yogi Tea continues to be the top natural tea brand in North America. Inspirations allows Yogi to quickly and easily find and organize user-generated content from social media followers. The best content can be linked to specific products and published online, creating cross-traffic between social media and the Yogi e-commerce site. Inspirations allows Yogi to continue to build upon the momentum of their social media while connecting with high buying intent audiences.


Custom Software
Web Development
UX Design
BAM!™ User-Generated Content system
Social media aggregator

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