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The Challenge

Value Management Strategies (VMS) is a global consulting firm that helps big organizations evaluate risk, make complex decisions. Having worked previously with Pop Art, VMS came to us with the need for a tool to easily gather inputs from geographically-dispersed teams, then produce instant reports to guide complex business decisions.

“VMS has a long-standing relationship with Pop Art, collaborating on software projects. Under their expert guidance, the team has developed a world-class value management system for us.”

Rob Stewart
President, VMS

Our Approach

Our collaborative solution, VMSPro, was developed first as a minimum viable product based on use cases. Since then, we have continued to enhance its features and functions based on user input, refining performance and function through iterative agile development.
The software, built in Node.js, includes a wide array of planning, analysis, and reporting tools that are easy and intuitive for businesses to incorporate into their processes.


The Result

The resulting product is a standardized platform for the management of value engineering programs and activities. Despite its deep feature set, VMSPro has been lauded for being intuitive and simple to incorporate into existing business processes. VMSPro has been leveraged to guide the development of many projects, products, and processes, successfully helping our client’s customers get the most out of limited resources.


Custom Software
UX/UI Design
Use Case Development
User Testing
Agile Development

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