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Freightliner Sales Tool

The Challenge

Freightliner Sales Tool (FST) was built in 2011 to help Freightliner achieve a major business goal: to have the most informed sales force in the industry.

It was no small task: the state-of-the-art on-highway and vocational trucks that Freightliner dealers sell are highly customizable, with hundreds of possible configurations of parts, features, and add-ons — and all of these options have an effect on cost of ownership. For most salespeople, it is nearly impossible to know everything that might come up in a sales situation off the top of your head. FST seeks to give every salesperson comprehensive product knowledge available at their fingertips.

Our Approach

Extensive use case testing, UX exploration, and native iOS development for iPad resulted in the the powerful iPad sales enablement application. Input from end users – salespeople around the country – proved invaluable in helping us to arrive at an effective and valuable solution. Each year, we strive to make high value improvements to FST in order to better serve the dealers that rely on it.


The Result

It’s no mistake that Freightliner has held the top sales position in the industry for years. FST gives every salesperson the tools and information needed to convert leads. In this way, FST also functions as a robust training application for both new hires learning for the first time and seasoned veterans looking to brush up on their knowledge. A few of the features we’re most proud of include: 3D renderings of over 6,000 truck configurations built to real manufacturing specifications, comprehensive resource libraries, interactive product comparison calculators, cost of ownership calculators, in-app CRM, and automated real-time asset and data updates driven by a powerful digital asset management system. From its original build in 2011 to our recent release of version 6.0, FST continues to be one of the premier sales enablement applications in the world.


Native iOS: UIKit, CoreData, Media Player
QuartzCore and Open GL
HTML5, JavaScript
Digital Asset Management using APS.NET
.NET Web Service Application

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