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What is a Sales Enablement Tool?

A sales enablement tool is a digital solution that gives your employees the ability to move the sales process forward, no matter where your potential customer is in the buyer’s journey.

Benefits of Sales Enablement Tools

Due to the great amount of information made available to customers today via the internet, potential leads can enter the traditional sales funnel at any point. In decades past, a new lead could be counted on to progress down a predetermined, easily predictable path (known as the sales funnel). As a result, the roles of your marketing and sales departments were well defined: marketing generates leads, and sales converts them.

Today, new leads can use the internet to bypass entire stages of this traditional path. As a result, it is more difficult to anticipate what their needs will be when they reach out to your company. It is no longer clear where marketing ends and sales begins, with first contact requirements ranging from basic product information to complex custom orders to products specs and troubleshooting.

This is how a digital sales enablement tool can prove to be invaluable to your company. The value of a sales enablement tool lies in its ability to align sales and marketing efforts. By ensuring that your employees have the right marketing AND sales collateral available to them at the right time, you are enabling them to keep the sales opportunity moving forward at all times.

Sales & Training Tools Suite

Our modular sales tools are designed to fit your business needs and your budget.

Access to sharable asset librariesCalculators & product comparisonsProduct configurations

Sales & Training Tools Suites

Sales & Training Tools Suites

Sales Enablement Tools Powered by BAM!

Our sales enablement tools are robust mobile applications, custom-built each time to ensure that they fit the exact needs of your business. At its core, each sales enablement tool has the same mission: improve your company’s ability to close sales. We’ve found that these products often help improve many other aspects of our clients’ businesses too, including:

  • Engagement & Conversions – use advanced analytics to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your sales process. Continually improve your customer engagement and conversion rates.
  • Onboarding – decrease time to full productivity for new hires by having all up-to-date training collateral available in one place.
  • Training – educate, develop, and equip your sales team with always up-to-date, standardized training collateral.
  • Asset distribution – all sales & marketing assets always up-to-date and easily accessible via mobile apps.
  • Sales Communications – capture customer details, preferences, and contact information in the app or integrate with an existing CRM. Manage customer relationships and easily send assets and communications.

While our sales enablement tools are highly customized depending on specific business requirements, there are many frequently requested and commonly implemented features with proven effectiveness:

  • – Product selector
  • – 3D modeling
  • – Product customization
  • – Resource libraries
  • – Product comparison calculators
  • – Cost of ownership calculators
  • – Real-time asset & data updates
  • – Offline mode
  • – Standardized training materials
  • – CRM & Salesforce integration

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