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Mobile Apps for Your Enterprise

Mobile apps aren’t just for games and social media anymore. B2B and B2C mobile apps are being used by top companies around the globe to solve complex business problems. Apps can be used to sell, train, and engage with audiences in unique and exciting ways. By embracing technology and the age of the digital customer, brands can make lasting impressions, create new efficiencies, and build valuable relationships.

Our Approach

Regardless of what the purpose or size of the project is, we believe in a collaborative, flexible approach throughout the stages of development for our cross-platform and native apps. From planning and discovery to design and development to post-launch optimization, each mobile solution is custom-tailored to your business needs, creating new efficiencies and providing vital KPIs to help you achieve lasting results.

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Our History

For over a decade, Pop Art has helped some of the world’s top companies envision, build, and maintain world class mobile app experiences. Whether you want to increase leads, improve training, lower costs, engage with new audiences, sell more, or simply explore potential opportunities, we have the expertise to help you find the right solution. Our current mobile apps include sales enablement tools, digital resource libraries, and employee engagement.


Pop Art has specialized expertise in mobile app prototyping for enterprise businesses. Prototyping is an inexpensive way to design thoughtfully, establish value, and win stakeholder buy-in before committing to building and maintaining a mobile app. Our experienced business analysts and UX designers will collaborate with your team to define goals and build the groundwork for success, delivering a functional prototype and technical specifications so you know exactly what you will get.

Explore the benefits of mobile app prototyping.

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Custom Projects

Smart Source

Smart Source

To maintain the top sales position in the industry, Freightliner Trucks sales teams need to be able to access all sales and marketing assets anytime, anywhere. The Smart Source app — available on iOS and Android — gives reps access to always-up-to-date brochures, spec sheets, videos, and presentations.

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Freightliner FST App

Freightliner deals in highly customizable configurations, involving hundreds of exterior, interior, and add-on choices. Together we created a leading-edge mobile app that puts real-time specs, comparison charts, even 3D renderings of over 6000 truck configurations at the field rep’s fingertips, all linked to a data management hub.

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Freightliner FST App

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