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What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management (DAM) is an efficiency-driven olution that allows enterprises to store, organize, find, retrieve and share digital files. Quick to deploy and easy-to-use, a centralized digital library provides peers, employees, clients, contractors and any other key stakeholders controlled access to digital assets — including images, photos, creative files, video, audio, presentations, documents and more.

The term digital asset management covers an array of software solutions, from an individual’s digital file library to an enterprise-grade solution built for hundreds or even thousands of users. Digital asset management software incorporates key core capabilities such as scalable cloud storage, easy upload, search capability, user management, workflows, and publishing.

Benefits of DAM Solutions

With the proliferation of digital media, businesses are more reliant than ever upon tools to centralize, manage and track their files and assets. Cloud-based digital asset management (or simply “cloud DAM”) software gives you the power to do just that – it provides anytime, anywhere access to all of your digital files and media. This means secure, round-the-clock availability of all of your business-critical files from any web device whether you’re at the office, working from home or halfway around the world.

Digital Asset Management

Asset Organization / Approval Process / Search / Reporting

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management Powered by BAM!™

Our Digital Asset Management and Sales Enablement Platform, BAM!, allows businesses to streamline processes and achieve measurable results. After implementing our Digital Asset Management system, our clients have experienced lasting efficiencies that have improved their organizations’ effectiveness:

  • Centralized, secure management – all your business-critical digital assets in one protected place.
  • Approval workflows – create approval hierarchies for important assets and ensure everyone knows which files to use.
  • Anytime, anywhere access – give your whole team access to what they need, whenever they need it.
  • Searchable – fully searchable repository with customizable organization hierarchy.
  • Training – streamlined implementation and rapid adoption with a personal training program.

Project Feature – Smart Source

Smart Source

Up-to-Date Brand Assets Shared Instantly

See how our digital asset management system instantly delivers content to remote sales teams on iOS and Android devices.

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