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  • My digital assets take too long to find.

    Like a needle in a haystack

    It’s a common problem: you know just the file you’re looking for, but it’s hiding somewhere between your email, hard drive, and the cloud.
    A study by GISTICS found that the average employee spends 1 in 10 working hours searching for and managing digital assets, costing $8,200 in lost productivity per employee per year.

    Empowered file access for all

    Our intuitive Digital Asset Management (DAM) software gives you an easy way to store and organize all of your assets in one place. The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface with smart folders and advanced search options makes it easy to instantly add, locate, and publish up-to-the-minute assets to all colleagues and customers, wherever and whenever. No more wondering whether the current materials are in the right person’s hands.

    Finding digital assets

    Why it matters to you

    • No IT support required to implement
    • Intuitive workflows and tagging structure
    • User-friendly drag-and-drop interface
    • Anytime, anywhere access — even offline
    • Protect brand credibility
    • Save on printing and distribution costs
    • Centralized asset management reduces costs and frustration
  • We’ve tried out-of-the-box solutions. We really need something more custom to fit our business needs.

    The Problem

    For complex businesses, packaged software solutions often come up short. Sometimes they don’t fully solve your specific problems. Sometimes customer support is lacking. Sometimes they’re too rigid, not integrating without unreasonable changes to your processes.

    Our Solution

    We believe software should be flexible enough to blend seamlessly with your existing business processes. We have decades of experience crafting tailored solutions based on specific customer requirements. We leverage our proven systems and tools as building blocks to create high-performing custom software with user-friendly interfaces that spur rapid adoption and lasting results.

    Custom solutions

    Why it matters to you

    • Custom discovery process
    • State-of-the-art UX design focused on ease of use
    • Thorough user testing to ensure ideal delivery and adoption
    • Agile teams deliver working software early and often for predictable results
    • Ongoing flexibility for changing needs and priorities
  • Our onboarding process is slow and inefficient.

    Fumbling First Impressions

    Archaic onboarding processes have severe short- and long-term consequences. A bad first impression effects everything from morale to productivity to turnover rates. If you lose trust on an employee’s first day, you may never get it back. It’s an under-the-radar issue many companies have ignored for too long.

    Instantly boost employee potential

    We create custom digital tools that streamline onboarding and make life easier for managers and new hires alike. Our solutions are custom-built around use cases and stakeholder interviews to ensure immediate improvements and lasting results. Studies confirm it, noting improved onboarding translates to a 50% increase in new hire productivity, 20% increase in manager satisfaction, and a 69% greater likelihood of staying 3 or more years with the company.

    Difficult onboarding

    Why it matters to you

    • Increased employee retention
    • Increased manager satisfaction
    • Faster new hire time to full productivity
    • Checklists ensure adherence to process
    • Analytics for continual process improvement
    • Reduced manager stress and workload

  • Our biggest sales always seem to stall on the one-yard line.

    The Problem

    For high-value products, the sales process can be complex and time consuming. There’s high risk of losing a big customer at any step of the process, from consideration to purchase. The competition is tough. If sales teams can’t give 100% accurate and confident answers when the opportunity arises, the sale might stall and potentially be lost.

    Our Solution

    Our sales enablement tools put all the facts, figures and tools needed to close sales in the hands of your sales team. Custom-built mobile applications are designed to engage and push the sale forward at any stage of the buyer’s journey. They provide instant mobile access to assets, to product models and customizations, 3D product modeling, competitive comparison calculators, instant customer follow-ups and sales presentation development. Customers have cited their value as training tools, as well, helping to onboard new salespeople faster.

    Big Sale Stall

    Why it matters to you

    • Close more sales at opportunity stage
    • Reduce the cost of doing business
    • Have the most highly trained sales force in your industry
    • Decrease onboarding costs and time
    • Build and manage customer relationships
    • Protect your marketing investment after the hand-off to sales
    • Reduce time searching for assets
    • Sales tools available on any mobile device
    • Automatic asset updates powered by our DAM
  • It’s expensive and hard to create authentic marketing content.

    Wanted: real people, real stories

    Authenticity is one of the toughest things to capture in marketing content. As such, few things are more persuasive than real people advocating for brands and products of their own accord. But capturing it can be elusive, time-consuming and costly, and trying to produce it internally can often ring false.

    Build it and they will come

    BAM! by Pop Art was designed and built with this problem in mind. BAM! helps you collect, curate and publish user-generated content from real people. In a world where today’s audiences are wary of branded messages and paid advertising, and are more receptive than ever to earned media, its ability to gather online reviews, social media and 3rd party referrals builds real authenticity. Build your network of brand ambassadors, get the word out, run incentivized campaigns to find the exact content you need.

    Authentic Marketing Content

    Why it matters to you

    • Find the best content and leverage it
    • Amplify the voice of your best customers
    • Enhance credibility, trust, and online presence
    • Promote new products
    • Improve employee engagement
    • Improve social selling metrics
  • I have lots of social media followers, but few of them convert to sales.

    The Problem

    We’ve heard it before: “I don’t get it; we have 500,000 followers. Why aren’t they actually buying anything?” Social presence — even if it’s impressive — doesn’t necessarily convert into sales. Connecting social media and commerce, two very different worlds, isn’t as seamless as one would think.

    Our Solution

    We see what people like, and make it easy and worthwhile to take the next step themselves. We create easy-flow highways between your aggregated social media feeds and your website and apps. You can create campaigns and promotions that reward fans and funnels them to retail outlet or e-commerce sites. Content is collected, organized and published by our BAM! system.

    Convert Social Media to Sales

    Why it matters to you

    • Increased website traffic from social media
    • Increased % of returning site visitors
    • Increased % of sales from social media
    • Increased sales from social channels

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